WinWin Pay

Bogo Plus
Launched in December 2012,BOGO Plus® BOGO plus Volume 6.1 encloses more than 1250 Buy one Get one free Coupons that are valid for more than 140 brands with 1000 branches all over Egypt.
It is divided into two books: 1st book includes 850 coupon valid till December 2017 and the 2nd book includes 400 coupons valid till December 2018.
Moreover, there is a total of 28 BOGO plus Platinum Tickets, divided between the two books, to indulge yourself with more treats.

The book

Will definatly encourage you to explore what's new in town such as:

  • Restaurants & cafes
  • Theme and advanture parks
    and play grounds
  • Nurseries, children playing
    areas and Toy stores
  • Retailers for women &
    men clothing
  • Technology accessories
    and cars' care.
  • Pharamcies and beauty
    products outlets

BOGO Plus® is an activation created by Win Win Company LLC(An Egyptian Company
conducted under the Investment Sector law), a company specialized in customer acquisition
and formulating business development solutions for a network of target-homogenous brands or even tailor-made solutions to reach the ultimate targets/goals for each brand separately