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Billy Beez

Billy Beez


Billy Beez is an indoor entertainment playground with lots of games and activities that are safe, entertaining and educational. Opened in October at Mall of Arabia Cairo. Our dream is that every child and every parent will find entertainment, exercise, stimulation, and interactive play that will create an appreciation for being active and staying fit. We help facilitate play zones, where entertainment, education and health can be fostered. We create a green environment, where fun and health are interchangeable. At Billy Beez we believe in creating healthy, secure, fun games for kids. So we create huge indoor playgrounds that have lots of different games for kids of ages ranging between 3 and 12.

Telphone # 0238260281-82
Address : -
6th of October: Mall of Arabia.
Tel: 02-38260300
-New Cairo:
5th settlement, Point
90 Mall 
Website :
Terms & condtions : يمكنك إستخدام أكثر من كوبون
في الزيارة.
-ساري طوال أيام العام.
-برجاء إظهار كتاب بوجو بلس طلب
ذلك لتفعيل الكوبون

The Offers

You and your guest are cordially invited to enjoy one complimentary entry ticket when an entry ticket is purchased with similar value